Kelly's Award Winning Gourmet BBQ Sauce

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About Us

Kelly's Classic Homestyle Foods, LLC is committed to providing an assorted line of quality homestyle foods which are lower in carbs, calories and sodium. Our products are made from fresh ingredients and each product is derived from my personal recipe collection. This assures you that it has passed the highest standards of excellence for taste.


KCHF was founded in May, 2006. We are a Registered Minority Business (RMB) in the state of Ohio and a member of Ohio Proud. We are located in the heart of the Ohio Valley and our products are made in Dayton, Ohio. KCHF is dedicated to supporting local businesses as we realize how important their support is to us. We believe it is our obligation to provide only quality foods that promote health and wellness. We take pride in the fact that our food products are more diet "friendly" and contain less sodium, carbs and fewer calories than similar products from our competitors. As society becomes increasingly aware of the health issues we are beginning to face which are directly related to or impacted by what we eat, Kelly's will offer YOU a healthier choice. Our goal is to become available at not only every grocery store or supermarket in the region but in the entire country!  Our goal is to make Kelly's products available from coast to coast. So ask your grocery store or supermarket manager to make Kelly's available as a better alternative to all those other brands

Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To  promote an inclusive workplace and help the community.
  • To become available at all grocery  stores in the greater Cincinnati area.


Kelly's Award Winning Gourmet BBQ Sauce is endorsed by Marilyn Harris, "Cincinnati's Queen of Cuisine". Listen to the "Cooking With Marilyn Show" every Saturday from 1-4pm on 55KRC.